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Scales Tutor

Scales Tutor for iPhone, version 2.1, which works with iOS 10 and Scales Tutor (for iPad) are available at the App Store.
                            For iPad, iPhone and Android

  for iPad     
  for iPhone
for Android

 Scales Tutor by MusiKeys offers both step by step instruction for beginners with some musical knowledge,

  and brush up reviews for those who are a bit rusty in their knowledge of major and minor key signatures and scales.

   Users can easily navigate their way to complete mastery of  both recognizing and actually entering all key signatures and scales on

   the staff  through the use of:

 * Brief introduction to music staff notation

 * Interactive Tutorials

* All Major and Minor key signatures and scales including three froms of minor scales

 * Guided Practice in entering key signature and scale notations (This provides excellent practice for theory tests.)

 * Customizable Levels for choosing which keys to work on

 * Testing to check for thoroughness of understanding

 * Progress Records to help plan a course of study

 * Flash Cards for quick review

 * Choice of treble clef, bass clef, or grand staff

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