Studio Information

Private Lessons in Flute or Piano. Online lessons also available.

The Nguyen Music Studio is in the West San Jose area of California. Private

lessons on piano and flute for all ages are 40 or 60 minutes in length. Shorter

lessons may be recommended for very young students. There are fifteen lessons

per semester, making an average of three lessons per month. Informal student

recitals on non lesson weeks give students valuable experience in performing.

Other musical activities such as discussions of musical styles, solfegge and 

improvisation may also be presented. Family and friends may attend the two more formal recitals

in December and May. Online Video Recorded "Virtual" Recitals are also available.

Students may participate in Music Lab activities for 15 or 20 minutes before or after

the lesson for a nominal fee. Lab activities include general music enrichment, theory

and ear training and guided practice activities using computer or iPad apps. The

Second Instrument Lab allows students the opportunity to try another instrument

such as guitar, recorder, lever harp, violin, cello, or electronic drum set. 

A Studio Recital Video Recording is produced at the end of each year with a recording of each student 

and made available to students on this site.

A training program to prepare for the Music Theory AP Exam using lesson and lab 

time is an option for advanced students.

Students may choose to participate in the Music Teachers' Association of California

(MTAC) Certificate of Merit program. This involves a performance evaluation and 

theory and ear training exam. A special MTAC Certificate is awarded upon successfully 

completing the requirements for each level.

Click here to find out more about private lessons in person or via Zoom, Skype, Google Hangout or FaceTime.